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BRD security services and placement agency offers comprehensive housekeeping services to individual and services sector clients for immaculate germ-free cleaning. The professional trained to provide cleaning, mopping and washing come with appropriate tools and detergents to ensure cleaning and germ-free working environment. The reputed agency trains suitable candidates for housekeeping services. The staff also gets the handheld long, medium and short brushes to clean and mop all hard to reach places. The training ensures that staff knows the proper method to clean hard surfaces, soft surfaces, glasses, fragile items and furniture.

The housekeeping services in New Delhi are customized according to the surface area and nature of the cleaning at the site of the client. The teams of housekeeping staff have a long checklist to make sure that nothing is left without services at the client site.

The housekeeping services in New Delhi come for clients, such as

Offices, canteens and cafeteria – the services make surfaces, furniture, work stations, wall, clean and disinfectant for long working day use. After cleaning, the surfaces are mopped with detergent to make them germ-free. The cobwebs are removed, switches are cleaned, and facades are washed with water, and cleaned with long hand-held brushes.

Hospitals, dispensaries and clinics – we use germ-free detergents to make whole premises disinfectant and remove the chances of infection spread. The places or objects touched by patients, such as lifts buttons, windows, doorknobs, switches and elevator points are made disinfectant daily. The whole premise is left flagrant for day use.

Commercial places – malls, shops, hotels, gyms, spa Centre, resorts, cinema halls and multiplexes are cleaned several times a day to maintain them in fresh and immaculate for customers. The soft and hard brushes are used according to the need of the surfaces.

The housekeeping services in Delhi involve various duties mentioned here.

  • Removal of Garbage
  • Waste Management
  • Washroom Cleaning, Toilet Cleaning with Strong Detergents
  • Sofa Cleaning
  • Façade Washing
  • Scrubbing of Floors
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Vacuum Cleaning
  • Removes Dust and Dirt from Exhaust Fans, Electrical chimneys and fans
  • Keeping the Whole Premises Germ Free and Fragrant

The clients' report after the end of the work ensures that everything goes as per the need and expectation of the client.