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Security guard services offer professional security services to the residential, commercial and industrial client in New Delhi. The security services control entry points and cover the periphery of the building through the closed circuit cameras installation. The security forces prevent unauthorized entry into office and factory premises and check cases of pilferage, theft and burglary at the manufacturing and commercial units.

The BRD security services and placement is a leading security agency offers trained security guardservices in New Delhi for various security duties to clients. The agency is being managed by the highly experienced defence officers and a dedicated team of professionals. The comprehensive services from the reputed security agency also include,

  • Personal security officers
  • Bouncers for clubs, parties, and night clubs
  • Armed and unarmed security guards
  • Detective services
  • Security personnel for events
  • Trained manpower for development and maintenance of horticulture features
  • Trained manpower for office work, office assistance, chauffeurs, technicians, peons, plumbers
  • Housekeeping staff
  • Commando security services

As a reputed security agency, we take our manpower from a pool of trained and highly experienced former armed forces personnel. Our personal security officers are former defence personnel. To give reliable security to our clients, we selected the best candidates after a thorough background check. Our professionals make sure that every candidate for the security job is free from any past record that might interfere with security duty. We trained selected candidates through basic security duties and make them familiar with the standard operating procedures of a security job.

The verifications on each candidate enable us to ensure dedication and reliability of a security guard for security guard services. That also helps us to get the total trust and faith of our clients. Our short course for security guards, both armed and unarmed, is conducted by defence officers and former security personnel from our Paramilitary units.

We offer security guards for, residential colonies, industrial units, offices, corporate complexes, showrooms, malls, multiplexes, commercial clients and big and small industrial clients. We also offer comprehensive security for hotels, entertainment parks, theme parks, to name just a few.

As per the demand of the client and need, for security guard services in New Delhi, we offer a security guard or a team of security guards under a supervisor. The team, as per the need, operates closed-circuit television camera, metal detector, and other tools that enhance the security at the industrial plant, commercial units and factories. The team is always in contact with the client and ensures that the client is fully satisfied with the services.